January 23, 2018

Best father of the bride speech

best father of bride speechOur short guide to the best father of the bride speech.

What Makes A Great Public Speaker?

Preparation of your speech is one thing … delivering it is yet another.

The good news is that your family and friends at a wedding reception are very forgiving. So long as it’s obvious your heart and soul is in it, you can get away with almost anything when it comes to the presentation of the speech. In fact, the best advice for most fathers giving a father of the bride speech is “just get out there, do it and and do it for your daughter”.

Here are some basic tips to successful public speaking:

  • Prepare some notes, so you don’t get lost if your mind goes blank.
  • Stand up straight, keep your chin up and breath deeply. It helps you speak more clearly.
  • Don’t fidget – and definitely keep your hands out of your pockets, away from those keys and small change!
  • Speak to the people at the back of the room – look at them as you start to speak, and speak loud enough for them to hear you. Keep that volume throughout the speech.
  • Look people in the eye as you speak – it helps to build rapport – but don’t stare at just one person all the time!
  • Speak slowly and clearly, and keep to the point without rambling.
  • Try to relax and communicate how you really feel as sincerely as you can.
  • Remember, people love hearing stories much more than listening to lectures.
  • And enjoy yourself – you are paying!!

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