January 23, 2018

Father of the bride speeches

father of  the bride speechesHere are some top tips to help the father of the bride speeches, maybe you have one by now or several. We can help you get one amazing speech.

When does he speak:
Usually the father of the bride is the first person to speak, and normally is at the end of the meal. Break with tradition if you are concerned and get your speech out of the way before the meal. You and the other speakers can then enjoy the rest of the evening.

Your speech should last 5 minutes.

Write down your headings from the speech, for example;

  • Welcome
  • Thank you’s
  • Why I love you so much
  • The bride’s early years
  • Her career
  • How they met
  • Welcome the groom to the family
  • Marriage guidance

This makes it easier to write and breaks it down. End the speech with some thoughts on marriage and welcome the groom to the family. Always add some sentiment, tell her how proud you are of her, make them laugh and make them cry.

Good taste:
Never be crass but be funny where you can. Always remember, if you find things funny, others may not, ask a close friend for a view. If it isnt funny, don’t go there. Very importantly, never ever embarrass your daughter. Remember it is her day and not yours, even though you may have paid for it!! Keep any jokes short and punchy, if they don’t go well, just keep moving.

Must keep it friendly:
Do not be formal, it should be as if you were telling a story to friends and family, relax they all want to hear you and want you to do well. Nobody wants a bad father of the bride speech.

Learn your speech:
Try and learn the speech, you don’t have to know it by heart, but the more you do know it the more confident you will be. So, if you haven’t had to learn anything in a while, just read it over and over a few times, or even record it on a device and play it in the car.

Make copies:
Print off several copies and hand them to friends, so you won’t panic about losing the speech.

Relax and don’t rush it:
Take your time, pause for effect and speak clearly and slowly. Use a microphone if one is available, it will help you sound clearer and obviously louder and be received better.

Have a lot to drink:
Only joking, have a couple before the speech to help calm yourself but no more.

Be animated:
Have fun, it is a performance after all, use your hands and be expressive, this will help you feel in control. You are with friends and family, who want you to do well, so try and enjoy yourself. And show the reception how proud you are of your beautiful daughter.

Big finish:
Always end with a toast to the happy couple and gert everybody up and raise their glasses, this is your big finish, so enjoy it!!!

Here are a few opening lines to consider, the opening line is crucial to calm your nerves, get their attention and start you off on the course to a great speech.

I do feel very honored to stand here today, I can speak and you will listen and let me tell you, for a man married xx years, this is a rare event.

I am a very proud father today, my beautiful daughter has become someone’s wife. I am not necessarily losing a daughter, but gaining a son, and a designated driver, a gardener, an odd job man, a car mechanic, and a personal decorator.

I had tears in my eyes when I saw my beautiful daughter this morning, not just because she looked so stunning but because I was adding up the bill for today and I had forgotten the cost of the dress!!

Good luck with your speech, don’t forget you are the father of the bride, go and give a great father of bride speech…

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father of the bride speeches

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