January 23, 2018

Father daughter dance

father daughter danceThe father daughter dance is so importat , well so much so there are web sites on the subject and here in my opinion is the best father daughter dance routine I have ever seen, take a look yourself.

And a great site I found on this subject and by the lovely bride in the video is Daddys litte bride

Here are some tips to help you create an amazing father-daughter dance.

Select Dances You Can Perform
Use the Dance Moves page to create a list of dances you like
Practice each dance and determine the top 10 (or less) dances that you and your dad can actually perform and are comfortable doing
Select dances from different eras to add variety

Determine Length of Performance
Should be no longer than 5 minutes total (30 seconds or less for each dance)
Perform popular dances longer

Select Dance Order
Start and end with popular dances to keep guests’ attention
Ensure easy transition between each dance so that the performance flows well

Select Songs
If a dance has its own song, use it!
Select songs with nice beats that match well with your movements
Use well-known songs from the relevant era to capture audience’s attention
Use iTunes to edit songs and create medley
Once you have your song in iTunes, create a playlist and put the songs in your preferred order.
Right click on the song you want to edit. Click Get Info and then select the Options tab.
Check the Start Time and / or Stop Time boxes and enter the times you would like for the song to start / stop.

Practice, Practice, Practice!
Practice like it’s your final performance
Wear actual shoes during practice sessions
Have someone video each session for your review
Practice at least once at your venue

Meet with DJ Before Performance
Provide multiple copies of your music
Flash drive
At least 2 CDs
MP3 player
Ensure your music works on DJ’s equipment
Have Fun!!!

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